How Long Do Pet Ferrets Live

Ferrets are adorable little rodents, with their short tails and large ears. They’re also notoriously hardy they can go without water for up to two weeks at a time, eat trash, sleep in tight spaces, run around outside all day, climb on people, use tools on themselves (yes, really), and even help clean litter boxes. And as far as pets go, they don’t cost much money.


The average price tag for a pet ferret is $200 to $400 depending on whether they were rescued from a shelter or bought from a breeder. But just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean they’ll be easy keepers. Ferrets need lots of love and attention like any other pet does, but unlike dogs and cats, they require more than food, water, and affection.


They also need space to play, exercise, snuggle, hunt, hide, burrow, dig, groom themselves, catch bugs, get dirty, and pee on things. If you’re ready for your new best friend to join your family, consider these important questions before bringing home your first ferret.


What’s a Ferret?


Ferrets are small mammals that belong to the weasel family, along with polecats, stoats, mink, otters, ferrets, wolverines, and skunks. They’re native to Central and South America including Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, and Chile. They’re not related to true rats and mice, which are found throughout North America. In fact, ferrets look so different from most rodents that some people mistake them for squirrels, rabbits, guinea pigs, or kangaroos.


Their size ranges between 4 and 11 inches (10.2 and 28 centimeters) tall and anywhere from 6 to 24 pounds (2.7 to 10 kilograms). Male ferrets weigh slightly less than female ones due to differences in fat distribution. As for coloration, males tend to be darker while females are …